New Dreamtree Project Raga

On the Steps of Infinity.  The brand new raga from dreamtree project. Many years in the formenting this amazing dub is based on the dreamy raga kirvani. Originally recorded in the mid summer of 2017 when Gurpreet Chana and Uwe Neuman were out west playing festivals with adham shaikh.  refined of the course of a few summer festival gigs the song then was further crafted by adham adding additional layers of synth and refining the otherwise live performance to “tape”.  The uniqe thing about this song and the recording of it was that uwe was playing sitar both with a pick up and mic and Gurpeet was playing Tabla live in the room with the sitar mic but was suing his digital tabla instrument that allowed for pitch controlled tabla to be recorded using line level signals ( no mic). however the live tabla was bleed thru on the sitar mic.  It sounded so good i left it in and used the sitar mic. This created a rich live sound that was further suplimented with gurpreets digital tabla and overdubs he did of dhol. that adds some extra groove at just the right spots.  its short by classical indian music standards but pretty long by todays spotify attentions  clocking in at 25 minutes.   this is why it is only available on bandcamp. at full 24 bit depth as well.   we hope you enjoy.